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A crowdsourced library to help you learn your next language

Little Lingua is a crowdsourced, categorised library of 250 resources for any language you are learning. Filter between 🎧 Podcast, 📱 Apps, 🖥️ Websites, 🕹️ Games and 🃏 Flashcards.

📚Books coming soon! Please feel free to contribute your resources - anyone can make edits and suggestions.

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Update: This is now 📝crowdsourced and open for anyone to contribute. You can now submit your own apps via this spreadsheet. ----- Hello PH! My friend @mmmchristophe runs a language School in Gibraltar, and we have been living in Madrid trying to learn Spanish. We have used tonnes of different resources trying to learn languages, and couldn't find one place that categorised all those things by their language and type (e.g. app/podcast/flashcards/website) - so we made Little Lingua Library. In the future, @mmmchristophe plans to add a way for his students and teachers to connect. In the meantime, I hope this is useful to you language learners.
@graeme_fulton Hi Product Hunt. I am new to being a Maker, thanks Graeme for creating this with me. We hope it can evolve to much more by connecting language learners with teachers in a new way. If people enjoy the Little Lingua Library, in the future, I'll be adding books, teaching resources and much more. Looking forward to any questions and feedback.
@mmmchristophe @graeme_fulton Nice job guys! 🙌 Someone recently asked me where to learn a new language, I guess now I know where to send them :)
@mmmchristophe @marie_dm_ thanks Marie! as long as it's not JavaScript or PHP 😜 @harowitzblack
@mmmchristophe @harowitzblack @graeme_fulton haha no, it was Japanese 😄🇯🇵
@harowitzblack @graeme_fulton @marie_dm_ Might start Japanese lessons at my school in Gibraltar. Special discount just for you.
ha this is amazing! I was thinking about learning a new language (Real language🤣)
@harowitzblack thanks Ben! haha a real language? Well these days, maybe JavaScript can qualify! Actually a funny idea would be writing code in a new 'real language'!
@graeme_fulton Writing code in Spanish✨🤣🤣 definir función(){ impresión "probarlo funciona" dejar cielo = cierto Si(cielo){ regreso falso } regreso ninguna }
@harowitzblack jajajaj ! me encanta!
Great work guys! I especially like the option to filter to Free, Paid and Freemium. I have spent too much money on language learning apps that turned out to be not so great
@istvanerdo Thanks! Glad the filters helped. I think some sort of reviews would be good too, so that resources can be ordered by quality. If people use it a lot, I'll consider adding extra things like this.
@istvanerdo thank you Istvan, I know how you feel. As Graeme says, the quality of the resources can also vary, so we hope to bring a review method if there are enough users.
Nice idea! I hope execution is a little better in terms of design in the future (those little things that make up the final experience), anyway I submitted my project Get Tandem ( and let's see where this goes :).
@strzibnyj Thanks we'll get it added with the next batch of updates!
Great product! I see its usefulness for learning a new language, there's a world of options out there 😅 Congrats!
@ftxrc thanks Sergio! #builtwithmakerlog