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The things you love, privately saved and beautifully listed

Listy is an app to keep track of your favorite things privately using lists. You can save in the same app your favorite restaurants, movies, books, video games or anything you want.
We are currently in Beta for both our iPhone & Android apps.
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I've been reflecting around one specific topic during the last year and i want to share it with you: Bringing people back in control. Companies fight for owning our interests, what we love, what we visit and use, because that information gives them leverage, gives them the power to know more about us, to sell our information to the best bidder, and to the very end, to become us into this $$$. We are not in control anymore, because we depend of those companies for our daily lives, and with each search, favorite or like we give them more power. Now it’s time to bring you back in control, to let you own your digital life, to let you decide freely what to do with it. That’s why we created Listy, to be a tool of purpose, something you can use or discard whenever you want, a tool to complement and amplify you, not a medium to transform you into a product. While asking people about how they save their favorite movies, book or restaurants, we always got the same kind of answers: "I use X app for movies, and this other one for restaurants, but i can't export anything", "I just save all those things in notes", "I have a chat conversation with my-self to send me this kind of things". We built & designed Listy around 2 main issues: * Privacy and control over your content * "One stop shop" app for all the things you love If somehow this words resonates in your head, if you feel identified by them, maybe you will like to try Listy. We are sending invites each 2 weeks to the people that join the beta waiting list from our website, you can signup from there. Even if you don't want to signup, we are always happy to listen to any comment or feedback.
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@basiclines Umm, Desktop version?
@iopdrr We will ship it for sure! We are just starting with the mobile apps!
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Looks great the project! Well done!
Joined the beta list.
I support anything that places an emphasis on privacy first. Signed up for the beta.
Awesome work