Make decentralised lists for any purpose

Lists lets you make lists, and save them online. What kind of lists?
- Who is present (Attendance)
- What you are grateful for (Gratitude)
- Which products are in stock (Inventory)
- What you want to do in life (Bucket)
- Who is naughty and nice (Santa)
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hello! It's difficult to make a "decentralized" app, because there is no central database to keep everything organized. I had to think in a slightly different way to make this app user friendly and to keep the data organized. But, there is the benefit that, as a user, you control and retain access to your own data. It is not scanned and aggregated with other peoples' data, nor is it sold off to third parties. I created Lists to keep track of people I interact with, at a class or meetup, but designed it so that it can work for any kind of list you want to store. I also wanted to explore the Blockstack ecosystem, which is a new model for protecting identity and user data. Let me know how it works for you!
Start shopping in September sounds like a good idea :) Want to share on too?
Cabinet helps organizing my data!