Your team and your patients on your phone — all the time

We're a team of doctors, designers, and engineers focused on building a tool for doctors to collaborate and work together on the hospital floor. We believe in the work that doctors do. Our goal is save doctors from redundant paper work so they can spend that time with patients and learners.
@jeeshanmdphd Love the mission—the first thing that sticks out to me, the free version doesn't follow the current HIPAA rule requirements, can you elaborate on that?
@willimholte great question. we've actually changed that. all plans will be hipaa compliant!
I live in a house of Stanford doctors and they write their notes on paper, then have to enter them into the EMR. Needless to say, they complain a lot about how much menial paperwork they have to do. This type of app serves a big need imo.
@ashrust Have they tried other apps already? There are many care coordination apps that exist (@rrhoover could probably put together a collection just for them). Curious to know what they think of others that exist, both big and small.
@thetylerhayes Yes, they tried Medigram, another YC company, but eventually went back to SMS, with a code for patient names. I believe the EMR (Epic, I think) has a messaging platform too but they don't use it often. They also still use pagers.
@ashrust @thetylerhayes Paper is the ultimate competition. Its fast and never fails. So far, none of the solutions that exist, beat the speed of writing down notes on paper and sending a text.
Solves a great problem. Medisas , another YC startup is also trying to solve the same problem.
@kwdinc At a skin-deep level, their UI design looks similar to me. (The color strokes on the left of the content) — both look good.
@kwdinc Is Medisas even still a thing? 2013 copyright on their site... which also has no actual product screenshots. Just sketches.
Given my recent experience with the NHS (UK) these types of products are long over due. I will assume it's the same around the world. Good luck @jeeshanmdphd and team!
@darrenux Its a worldwide problem. We have beta users across North America, Africa, Asia and more. I have a lot of friends in the NHS and they do so much to deliver the best care to their patients. I hope with tools like Listrunner, we can support them.