Self-hosted newsletter and mailing list manager

Send e-mail campaigns, newsletters, manage mailing lists, all from a powerful self-hosted dashboard released as a single binary. High performance and feature packed open source app written in Golang, and backed by Postgres.
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Hello, Makers! has been built by @knadh and might be a useful high-performance replacement for software similar to Sendy or phpList in your stack. It has all the usual features you would expect plus some cool things like: -> Powerful Editor which is WYSIWYG and also support Go templates. -> Segmentation by writing ad-hoc SQL queries to query subscribers on their attributes to segment and send ad-hoc campaigns. -> Multi-threaded multi-SMTP e-mail queues for fast campaign delivery -> Inbuilt clicks and view tracking Plus, it is extremly easy to self host and also supports docker. You can evaluate it very easily (if you have docker/docker-compose installed on your system) by following the guide here Even though it is alpha software at the moment, it has been in active use at for several months where it has processed hundreds of campaigns and tens of millions of e-mails. If software like this seems to be of interest to you please do take a look. @knadh would be happy to take questions below. View the landing page - Read the documentation - ShowHN thread - Github - (Also feel free to browse the source code and contribute)
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@rhnvrm Thanks!
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@knadh @rhnvrm Congratulations on the launch!
@_rohanverma hello, congratulations for your launching, I checked in your features it doesn't have bouncing tracking yet, so how do you handle inactive users ? It's not a good idea to send emails to users which are not receiving it. (Mail quota exceeded, address not found, etc)
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@juanpablosarmi Bounce-tracking is in the works. Thanks.
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Would this work for affiliates with email lists who are promoting different campaigns? how do you manage spam issues associated with affiliate email marketers?
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Look's really great. I will give it a try for sure. Tweeted
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@akim_kasabulatov Not sure why you're getting that. The static site is up and running fine.
@knadh I can't open website from Russia. But with USA VPN everything is ok.
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@akim_kasabulatov It's hosted on Netlify. I just googled around it looks like Netlify was blocked recently in Russia ;(
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@akim_kasabulatov @knadh unfortunately yes, all websites hosted on Netlify are not working from Russia because of the Russian authorities' campaign against Telegram which uses the same servers as Netlify.
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