Starting today, any podcaster, regardless of audience size or experience level, can collect recurring monthly payments directly from their listeners. There’s never been an easier way to start generating revenue from your podcast.

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Hi! I'm Mike, CEO and Co-Founder of Anchor. At Anchor, our mission has always meant more than just making it easy for people to make podcasts. We’ve also always had aspirations to help people make money from their work, too. Previously, this was a real challenge for most creators: Unless your show became big enough for podcast network who could sell your show to advertisers, your options for getting paid were very limited. For independent podcasters, there was no straight forward way to get paid for your work. Today we're making that way easier with Listener Support, which lets your listeners opt into automatic monthly payments to support your hard work. Any creator in the US can activate it to start receiving these contributions from their listeners. Once you activate it, a Listener Support button will be added to your public Anchor profile. Best of all, it will also add a link in your show notes on every app or website where your podcast is available, so your listeners can sign up to support you from anywhere (like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify), even if they don’t have an Anchor account. I'm happy to answer any questions here about Listener Support or Anchor in general. Thanks!
@mignano Hey Mike! This looks really cool. I'm wondering if you will roll out a premium podcast feature, where listeners have to pay to access the podcast from the start. Cheers!
@mignano Hey Mike. This is really cool. I must say Anchor enabled me to start my own Podcast and I'm really happy that with this step Anchor is reaching new heights with Podcasting. Only sad part for me is that "Listener Support" is only for US but not for India. Please do make it available for many other countries which will be of great help. Cheers and All the best.
@w Hey Riley, thanks! Great question. We're considering all of the ways we can help creators generate revenue from their podcast, and the one you mentioned is definitely one of them. We felt it were best to start by making it as easy as possible for creators and by not introducing additional work for them (e.g. making exclusive content to put behind a paywall). Our learnings from Listener Support will absolutely inform our monetization decisions in the future!
@pratiptalks Thanks! I'm very happy to hear that Anchor made it easy for yor to make a podcast, and appreciate all of your kind words. We're absolutely doing our best to bring Listener Support to creators all over the world. I don't have a concrete timeline for this year but I assure you it that we'd love to bring the feature to India as soon as possible. Thanks again!
@mignano Thank you very much. That's so kind of you.

we host our podcast over on


a little bit of extra cash would be excellent from the time we put in.


we are probably not big enough yet! :)

talk about perfect timing, absolutely love this! nice work guys. could not find the activate button in my anchor account. when will it go live? -- this is awesome.
i dm'd the team and it was if you had the account in the US, i'll wait for global rollout, i'm sure once they have onboarded the US they will roll it out because STRIPE is global so i think it's purely a timescale, staggered roll out!
@philcampbell Thank you, Phil! Sorry that we don't yet have the feature available outside of the US, but we're doing everything we can to launch it in more countries as soon as possible!
I didn’t see any mention of when this would roll out to creators outside of the US. I’m sure many people will be asking about this...
ah so it's only US right now -- what if one of us in the UK and one in the US, can we get the account upgraded seeing as she is stateside? :) -- hmmm, i was so excited about this, surely STRIPE is a global worldwide product no?
@philcampbell i'm wondering the same and am a bit surprised at how unclear this announcement was regarding creators outside of the US.
@madebyildi i would'nt be surprised. it's normal for a US startup to push to a US audience first of all because of financial assets and time scale for roll out, also you don't want to roll out to the world first that's inviting a ton of work for customer support etc, you do a soft roll out first :)
@philcampbell I was mostly referring to the ambiguity and lack of clarity in informing creators outside of the US when this feature would be available for their regions. The description of this announcement reads "Starting today, any podcaster..." which is kind of misleading imo. Even their medium post fails to provide any insight about availability of Listener Support in regions outside of the US.
This is quite interesting considering what competitors have been up to. Any plans to allow sponsors to easily buy ad spots as well? It would likely require an approval process but I have a feeling many would prefer to charge sponsors instead of their listeners. They just seem to struggle to find the right sponsors. Obviously that doesn't apply to everyone but I think marketers would find it interesting too.
@guillaumebardet Hey Guillaume, thanks! We're definitely considering all of the different ways we might be able to bring monetization to our large, global network of creators. Ads have certainly been a successful options for many podcasters, however, they often only work for creators with very large audiences. We're working on finding ways to introduce revenue generating tools that any podcaster can leverage. Stay tuned as we learn from this release and ship more monetization features in the near future!