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Hi Product Hunt-ers, I’ve spent the last eight years working on text and voice products. We launched Listen today, our solution to the many ways our current phone numbers fail us. I hope you get as excited as I am when you try Listen. Thanks!
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will there be international launch? i an based in india so will it support indian numbers in near future?
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@laurenleto fantastic! Can you please add one feature that everyday i wish my phone had?: Status. Basically I'll set my status to "meeting", for example, so that incoming calls from my inner circle receive an auto-responder, kind of "Soufian is in a meeting"
@malihsoufian Yup! That's how auto-response works–we've been thinking about renaming it to 'Busy mode' though–status is also good!
@malihsoufian Oooo but I like that inner circle twist...GREAT idea
Texting or calling a traditional phone number is still the best way to get in touch with someone (if you know their number) but it's still trapped in old tech. Love the idea of wrapping a phone number within an app to give people more control and features, but continue to support traditional means of communication for those that don't have the app (yet). Here's my number: 541-236-9102. Text me! 😘
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@rrhoover woo! good insight. text ya later :)
@laurenleto LOVE the auto-response feature. When will group texting be supported?
@rrhoover Your crazy for posting your number... Good thing Listen has auto-response When will it have call block for spam calls??!!!
@parkerwoodward @rrhoover If you use Listen we have a default setting where contacts ring your phone 'like normal' (read: full screen) and people who are NOT in your contact book ring your phone as push notifications. So spam calls are in no way as intrusive when you're on your phone–plus you can mute them afterward and never see a call from that number again :)
@laurenleto That's cool...just hard to ignore all the robo calls, you can mute 1,000 and still get just as many calls, would be nice to mute one and then label as a robo call so other Listen users would benefit...food for thought :)
I've spent the last year working on this. I'm so incredibly proud of the work we have done. I'm so lucky to work with Lauren and Austen, and I'm so excited for the future of Listen. My Listen number is (503) 360-9780. Text me!
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This is so dope. Have thought for years this should exist and finally someone made it. Looks beautiful too!
@joelwish Thanks! Most of our design work has been done by @camh–he's a triple threat: iOS, design, +drinking :)
Working alongside the Listen team for the past 6 months, I am very excited for today's launch. I put my Listen # on my biz card and the idea of managing a phone number like a social stream makes a lot more sense in 2016 than the traditional carrier way that acts like a pop up when your phone rings.
@ericfriedman thanks, E ROCK