List of Marketers to Hire

Live list of marketers needing jobs after COVID-19 lay offs.

Talented marketers have lost their jobs during COVID-19. Let’s help them find new roles — plus freelancing gigs. If you're a marketer, add yourself to the list to get in front of our community of 15,000+ startup founders.
This project is 100% NoCode!
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I can’t believe how many great people are out of work right now. This helps match marketers with companies looking to grow and that's a wonderful thing.
Hey everyone! It blows my mind how many talented marketers have lost their jobs. It’s horrible. At Demand Curve, we’re all growth marketers. And we teach growth marketing. And we want to help our fellow marketers out. So we’ve created a live, user-submitted list of marketers looking for positions—either full-time, or contract. We’ll be putting our marketing skills to the test promoting this page. To our community of 15,000+ founders and growth marketers, and to every growth channel we know. Let us know if you have any feedback, and please share with your friends—employers and marketers alike.
And for our fellow makers interested in how this 100% NoCode project was made: The site was built with Webflow. The table is an embedded Airtable. The form is an Airtable form that pump the submissions into the Airtable. And Zapier handles any back-end logic.
I used Demand Curve's agency finder a couple of months ago. It was quick, easy, and they introduced me to a great agency. Hopefully this can be as useful for hiring marketers 👌🏻.
Holy ja-moley this is great! What about adding a column for a reference from their last gig? Maybe overkill but thought I'd throw it out there...