List Goal

View your email subscriber goal & tips in Chrome's new tab

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Thanks for the love guys. Really excited to finally release List Goal to everyone. To kick things off List Goal is free to ALL Product Hunt users. Go to to download.
@harris_bryan I'm getting a 404 page when I use your link. You have an extra .com on producthunt at the end, I think. Took a guess and this link seems to be working and has the free for Product Hunt users copy on it. Looking forward to giving this a try. Hopefully it will keep me on track and motivated with my mailing list.
This is great Bryan! Just set it up - aiming for 10k new subscribers in 3 months.
@brennandunn Boom! 10k in 3 months is AGGRESSIVE. I love it.
If you're serious about building your list (which you should be), there's no other tool that will help you keep your focus on growth like List Goal!
I've been beta testing List Goal for a few weeks. Every time I open a new tab in Chrome, I see a simple dashboard that shows how many new subscribers I got that day. On the day I was featured on Product Hunt, the dashboard's number & simple chart went nuts.
@andrewwarner appreciate all of your feedback and support through the development process Andrew.
Love the minimal UI, focused on the absolutely essential to grow your list. Great work Bryan!
@jaschaio Dead on Jascha! Focusing on one thing is the bane of my existence. Last year when I was trying to reach 10,000 subscribers List Goal kept me focused on my #1 goal.