Create Text-To-Download Forms in Seconds

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Hey founder here! Happy to answer any questions :)
I was looking for something like this before we added the send-to-phone functionality on Product Hunt (if you're on the web, see the SMS button at the top). Instead @riccardoar whipped up our own homegrown solution using Twilio, but that took a fair amount of effort.
@rrhoover we had chatted with Torenberg about it as well. :)
@rrhoover We hit up your CTO to figure out the country drop down plugin you use. Part of the inspiration for our tool was your widget :)
@johnmurch Thanks for posting this glad you like it! would love to hear your feedback
@blaurenceclark thanks for building a product we all wanted/needed :)
@blaurenceclark @johnmurch I agree! I hated this not being a clean client side solution for marketing webpages! Thanks for making it so!
@johnmurch I might frame this. *tear*
@datarade :) - Sent a follow up email - great job guys :)
A-maz-ing! Implemented in under a minute. Already live! Do SMS notifications work in all countries? Do you show the form if I run out of credit? Do I get email notifications when I run out of credits?
@yurylifshits Hey thanks for integrating! 1) SMS should work in just about every country 2) If you run out of credits the form will still show but it will pop up an alert box saying it is currently disabled 3) You will get an email when you drop below $1 in remaining credits!
@yurylifshits Hey Yury, I'm Brian's cofounder. Thanks for integrating. Consider moving the embed code above the photos in the center so that way you maximize the conversion. Take a look at my friend Adam's. By moving it to the top and front and center , he was able to get much better conversion metrics.
@datarade Thanks guys! All good, but it would be great if you add an option "don't show when out of credits". Alerts are bad experience )
@yurylifshits Noted! We just launched this two days ago and love the feedback! email me and we can chat more on a good way to make this happen :)
Awesome. Have been looking for this exact service. Was searching on PH a few weeks ago.
@JohnyJames What's your app?
Hi @datarade -
@JohnyJames damn. that looks crazy awesome.