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#5 Product of the DayMarch 06, 2019
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As we all know that Instagram doesn't allow links in the post, Linkpot is simple solution to this problem. With LinkPot you can attach a link in the caption of every Instagram post.
  • Zach Reed
    Zach ReedUI/UX Designer

    I like the landing page, and the explanation of how it works.


    This is very misleading. It does NOT add clickable links to your posts, like it claims. Instagram doesn't allow it. Plain and simple.

    This is a workaround that frankly, I think won't actually work that well in practice. Users are not going to read the details of having to type some code into the page that loads, they are going to quickly bounce when they hit it and are confused. The UX is extremely complex. I think the product would need to add analytics to make this more transparent. So users could see how many people are bouncing from the page that loads, and not actually inputting a code to go to their destination.

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  • richa gangwani
    richa gangwaniDigital marketing

    Pros: Codes for the post are autogenerated in incremental order so it will be so easy to remember.


    No Instagram login.

    I explored the product and realized that it has much more to offer than described here and even at the website. Beautiful landing page. UI and UX both are good. Explanation of the product is nice. Finally a product for e-commerce business through which you can directly navigate followers to "buy now" page. Codes for the post are autogenerated in incremental order (although users can generate customized codes also) so it will be so easy for regular followers to understand the process. Discount coupon codes can also be used as the code for the post, so users will happily enter them to grab the discount.

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Igor Stumberger
Igor Stumberger@curiousigor · Designer, Maker of Hey Meta and Dockey
Congrats on the launch 🎉 While I think this is a useful and well-designed product, the title is a bit misleading. There is currently no way to add clickable links to your Instagram Posts. What the tool is doing is working as a redirect but instead of a link, you give the user a custom redirect code in the description of your Instagram post which they can then write on the website, which link is actually in your profile description. Not that there's anything wrong with this approach, but based on the tagline I've searched the example posts for direct links which I couldn't find so just wanted to point this out 🙂
evan gray
evan grayMaker@evan_handler · Founder of
@curiousigor Actually I wanted to point out the problem in the title because in this way it is easy to explain the capabilities of the product because this is a way to redirect users from post to other websites.
ali miraj
ali miraj@alimiraj1 · Teacher
Is it free?
evan gray
evan grayMaker@evan_handler · Founder of
@alimiraj1 yes, this is free with the available features currently although I am planning to Introduce some premium features in the future.
Cooper Miller
Cooper Miller@itscoopermiller · High School Pastor / Techie
Why is this better than This requires an extra step for the user to remember and enter the code.
evan gray
evan grayMaker@evan_handler · Founder of
@itscoopermiller Hey just checked your comment. This product is totally different from linktree because linktree offers fixed multiple links to redirect you on the website or blog etc. You can put maximum 10 or 20 links right because user won't scroll too much. Linkpot is different I am giving the option of sticky links like linktree but the main feature is a unique code for every post and you can have hundreds of them. Just think about its utility for a affiliate marketer who just sell the product of Amazon using his Instagram account. He can redirect the user to "Buy Now" page. I felt the gap, I made the product.
Aisling Deacon
Aisling Deacon@aisling_deacon
@itscoopermiller @contactinbio is the best alternative to linktree and has a lot more features that other sites in this category
evan gray
evan grayMaker@evan_handler · Founder of
Hello Evan from LinkPot Thanks @chrismessina for hunting LinkPot. I made this tool as a side project. I realised that there are many potential bloggers who can drive the traffic to their blog post from Instagram but instead they just post motivational post on IG. (IG is already flooded with that kind of post). The point is that there is no way available through which they can just post the title of their blog post and redirect the user to read the whole post from IG to their blog. Writers are the least active on IG because of this limitation. I also made provision for affiliate marketers in this project they can redirect traffic to any shopping side (Amazon,eBay etc) using this tool. They can also set their affiliate marketing link with UTM parameters in their LinkPot account. So this product is just an easy way to send traffic from IG to other sites. Analytics and reports are available to check the performance of posts. Just to check the sample cases, please check these IG accounts who are already using LinkPot.
Md Amirul Islam
Md Amirul Islam@amirul · Social media marketing
need this product
evan gray
evan grayMaker@evan_handler · Founder of
@amirul , please signup. I will wait for your feedback.