Link Texting 2.0

Convert desktop traffic to app downloads

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Thanks for the hunt @bramk . We spent the last 6 months revamping the product and adding subtle yet powerful functionality like country detection, device detection, localization and more to make our widgets convert traffic to mobile app downloads at a higher rate. I'm excited to finally release this into the wild. Link Texting is for companies with mobile apps that want to use their desktop traffic to drive mobile app downloads. Most websites simply link to the iTunes or Google play store which doesn't really work when a visitor is on their desktop/laptop. Would love feedback
@sujanpatel @bramk Looks like an interesting new tool to add to the app marketing playbook. Good luck!
My buddy @sujanpatel & co just launched the new version of Link Texting! πŸš€ The easiest way to turn desktop visits into app downloads. Take it away Sujan! πŸ™Œ
@bramk @sujanpatel Thanks for the shout out. Huge fan of startupstash. ;)
@datarade And am a great fan of your work ;)
Interesting product, Sujan! I have some mobile app friends who would love this.
Great idea, @sujanpatel! It will help many app creators to drive more downloads!
@ovinegrean thanks! It definitely will. We've already got large companies like Adobe, Expedia, & Yahoo using it to promote their mobile apps.