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In my opinion, LingQ is the absolute best product on the market for serious self-directed language learners. FWIW, I've got a fair amount of experience language learning and teaching. I built and ran an English school in Taiwan for four years and later worked at a language learning startup. LingQ lags quite a bit technically and marketing (especially since the biggest blogger in the space is an affiliate for iTalki and had a spat with LingQ's founder). And despite the slow start and occasional JS-related bug, their product sense is second to none. I've personally found it to be several times more effective than free offerings like Duolingo or Anki (though Anki can be effective if you're very systematized) and basically a wash when compared with tutoring platforms that cost twenty times more.
Cheers @logicmason! We're working hard to improve the system for language learners like yourself :D
Hey Product Hunters! Thanks so much Kevin for hunting us. Much appreciated! The LingQ system gives you control over your language learning journey with the power to study from content you actually find interesting. Blog posts, YouTube videos, ebooks, news articles, recipes… whatever floats your boat. There are 1000s of hours of courses available at all levels in the LingQ language libraries, all with text and audio so you can listen while you read and accelerate your learning. You can also import anything you want to learn from, translating words and phrases in real-time on the LingQ reader. You can get a trial week of premium membership for free, then if you want to keep on learning with LingQ, we’re offering Product Hunters a sweet deal: 50% off your first month with the code PRODUCTHUNT! Happy language learning ✌
Pretty cool system!
This looks so cool. How do you discover new content in the app? Assuming you are adding new content all the time. Like when there's an awesome new podcast or interview to listen to/read — how do I find out about it, if it fits what I'm looking for?
Thanks @gidgejane :) We have a lesson feed that's constantly updating with content other members are learning from. There's also the different language forums where learners post cool things they've discovered. We're working on functionality that will allow us to suggest lessons based on learners' preferences and lessons they've taken in the past, too. Otherwise, content is tagged and so a search in the course library will give you a list of content you will enjoy. Let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!
@jahrine Awesome thanks. I work at IFTTT so I'm thinking about IFTTT-y potentials for content discovery, of course! But all that aside it's very cool — just downloaded and looking forward to playing around with it. Congrats on the launch!
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