Learn 50 languages with chatbots and dialogs

Learn 50 languages with Master Ling. Learn a new language by playing games and chatting with our Bot. Ling includes 200 lessons recorded by native speakers.
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Hi PH, I'm Simon from the Ling Team. After almost 2 years of work in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we've launched our new app Ling. You can learn 50 languages with it. Here are the highlights: - Chatbot to have every day conversations - 200 lessons recorded by native speakers - Games to learn how to write - Test your pronunciation with the speaking game We'd love to hear your feedback. Exclusively for product hunters, I'll be happy to send you a promo code for the free pro version of the app! 🎁 Just comment below.
@hommsen Congrats on the launch! The amount of languages covered in one app is seriously impressive, makes me want to start learning a few new ones! Would certainly like to try the pro version.
@tom_henderson thanks so much or your positive feedback! For the promo code, are you using Android or iOS?
@hommsen would love this! :D for me and my girlfriend, let me know if we can get a promo code and send feedback
@danirogerc great! Let me know what OS (Android or iOS) you guys use and I'll send you codes!
@tom_henderson @hommsen me ios, girlfriend uses android
Congrats on the launch! Would love to test out the pro features ^__^
@juan_perez2 Unfortunately I'm unable to send out messages at PH at the moment. Can you please send me a message, then I'll reply with the coupon.

Nice program


Very easy to learn



I would like to have more


Good lessons



I've been using LING for quite a long time now, I use it to learn Thai. I guess I have tried almost every Thai Language learning app, but none of them comes close to LING. In most other apps you just stupidly repeat the same word all over again, if you are lucky it provides some sort of quiz for you to train your recently learnt words. LING has a totally different approach, it teaches you not only new vocabulary, but puts the new words in context and dialogs. Using dialogs helped me a lot learning and remembering new vocabulary. My wife is a teacher for Thai here in Europe, and she told me that she recommends her students using LING, in order to help them memorize their vocabs. So totally recommendable from me!
@marco_blie We are very happy to read your feedback. If you have any suggestions for us to improve the app, please let us know via Have fun learning!