Predict the popularity of your Instagram photos.

LikelyAI predicts traction of images on Instagram using Artificial Intelligence. LikelyAI extracts thousands of data points from an image (objects, colors, emotions, shapes, lightning, size and positioning) and recognizes the popular patterns.

We believe asking colleagues or friends should not be the only solution when choosing the perfect picture in the 21st century.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
LikelyAI has some cool features distinguishing it from the other :) 1. Instagram - LikelyAI is specifically devoted to Instagram prediction 2. LikelyAI was trained on over one million photos 3. It actually does something! - LikelyAI was developed by a team of mathematicians and computer scientists who do have experience with Data Science & Algorithms. LikelyAI follows all the latest research and trends. It does not just call "some API" and sums two numbers. LikelyAI team has developed and researched, in-house, purely artificial intelligence algorithm in the one-year time frame. :) Thank you guys for upvoting! Thank you @travisdailey for Hunting LikelyAI :)
These guys are awesome! Tool works like a magic :)
Excited to try this out!
Feels like there would be higher returns on this Instagram-post-popularity-estimator in just running a bunch of automated accounts vs trying to get the insta-famous to pay for it.
@shloky Assuming it WORKS, which I am sure it doesn't as well as the other 50 projects trying to do the same thing :)
@eralpbayraktar Thank you very much for the comment. Yes, I agree, our service as the other 50 are sometimes wrong. Nobody knows the future. However please let me assure you LikelyAI works (in contrast with other similar services 😀 ). We tested it and it outperformed the current top-latest research in the precision. Although what is needed to underline, the LikelyAI’s algorithm is focused on core LikelyAI’s & Instagram users, the Social Media influencers at the moment. So indeed picture predictions belonging to very specific domains (e.g. photo of the boots or highly artistic pictures) may not be as accurate. On the other hand, for selecting the most popular picture out of your latest trip, LikelyAI works perfectly. :D :) We hope you will give LikelyAI a chance :D
@michalkorbela Thanks for the explanation:)
Looks great ,would try soon