Lighthouse helps managers motivate and get the best performance from their teams through an easy to use web app that helps you have better 1 on 1s, develop your people (the #1 perk people want at work), and more.

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Hi Product Hunters! I'm Jason, Founder and CEO, and would love to hear your questions and comments. We started 2 years ago with just a blog post and a Wufoo form looking for managers that wanted help being a good manager. From those early customer development interviews we learned most people have to rely on manual or cobbled-together systems to manage their teams. Unfortunately, those systems are cumbersome, and require you to put all the effort in; as soon as you get busy, distracted, or your team grows too big, the whole thing falls apart. And it's at those moments of stress and big projects that you need your team at its best. We help managers stay consistent on the habits we learned the best managers do. >> For new managers, we're teaching them (then helping them continue to practice), the key habits that will carry them far in their careers as leaders. Everyone wants to work for or hire a manager who others love working for. >> For experienced managers, we're helping them tune up and expand their skills, while putting less effort into administrative tasks. This helps every manager spend more time on investing in their people, which drives the best results. Unlike a class you'll forget, we're workflow software to help you actually *do* these things (like have a career conversation with your team and actually make progress on it, or what to talk about in your 1 on 1s). We fundamentally believe (and have seen a ton of evidence: that shows that "People Leave Managers, Not Companies." If you've ever had a boss that made you hate coming to work, you know the feeling. Our mission is to help managers, and their companies, build and maintain the habits that matter most. Helping you with goals and growth discussions and have great 1 on 1s are just the beginning. Thanks, Jason
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@evanish "Help managers be better managers"; aka, stabilize a company from within. Great work Jason. Excited to see where Lighthouse takes the roadmap, and to hear success stories.
@evanish WOW! I've been following your progress since you started. So excited for you to launch! Congrats! 🍾
@evanish Fantastic blog (chock full of insights), great product, founded by an entrepreneur who walks the walk.
@jonathancordeau Thanks Jonathan! We're excited to continue to develop more tools and workflows to support managers, and also expand our feature set to help organizations as they scale. We work with a few medium size companies already and have a lot of others excited about where we're heading there. Stay tuned :)
@mijustin Thanks Justin! We've used a lot of the tactics we talked about on your Product People podcast to help us build something to really help managers and drive results.
I wish I had this when I was running my last startup and we expanded from 7 to 25 employees in two months. It's the perfect tool for team leaders to bring structure to their direct reports. Too many managers focus only on output and forget the human side of management. Lighthouse shines a light on what matters for thoughtful managers and productive teams.
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@writerpollock Thanks for hunting us, Tristan! You're right. Managers often fail to make time for the human side of management and it always catches up. We're not robots. A good manager can make all the difference. It's funny you mention the growth of 7 to 25. We've found 25 employees is a really interested inflection points with a lot of big challenges. We wrote about those pains and what to do in one of our all time most popular posts here:
I agree with a lot of the sentiment here, that Id on't actually understand what the product DOES. I think the website would massively benefit from some screenshots and feature highlights. I'm not going to sign up for a trial of something that I don't understand what it does. The problem is a compelling one though.
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@bogomep @_jacksmith In our experience this kind of page actually converts better overall. Take a look at's web page for example. No screenshots, just the problems it solves. I think we can agree Intercom is a pretty successful and customer driven company.
@evanish ok. I am unclear why you're being so defensive. You've got like numerous people commenting here actually trying to HELP you. Yes, minimal homepages can convert well; but those are often supplemented with like a "features" page for people who want to learn more. Both myself and Bogomil are saying the problem is interesting; but you're not giving enough information for people to sign up for a trial.
Yes, but intercom's page is meaningful, yours is not.
@evanish Intercom's website has specific pages breaking out their features and big screenshots so you can see exactly how it looks:
Lighthouse seems to address classic problem when performers get promoted into managing positions with little to no guidance or training. Management is one of the toughest jobs out there, and there needs to be better tools for people to connect with their people and track progress.
@abarrica You're totally right. I was just talking to a friend today about the painful change that leaders who have direct reports that are also managers have; they're stretched even more thin and tempted to not provide a lot of support and guidance to the managers beneath them. Unfortunately, that leaves those managers under them to struggle. Their teams feel that pain the most then as their manager doesn't always know the right things to do then.
Congrats on the launch guys! I've been using Lighthouse for over a year, and it has changed the way I do things. Allowing me to be a decent manager, and contribute individually at the same time.
@jasonryonhall Thanks Jason! It's been great to have you on board and we appreciate you helping evangelize it at your company :)