A simple but challenging puzzle game

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Hello Product Hunters! I made this game a while back and realized I never shared it here -- so here it is! With 350 levels of increasing difficulty and beautifully styled graphics and animations, LightGlide is sure to keep you entertained and exercise your mind. Turn up the volume and enjoy playing while the lights pulse to the game's music. LightGlide is an extremely simple but challenging puzzle game to learn and play. Most find the first few levels easy, but be warned: it gets much harder! Place your finger on the flashing light and glide it over nearby lights until you reach the finish. You must clear all lights before you reach the finish to move on to the next level. Complete all the levels of a stage to unlock a new stage that has new types of lights to make the game more challenging. Each level is randomly created as you unlock it so no two people will ever play the exact same game! Any time you go back to replay a level you've beaten you'll be faced with a brand new randomly created level. Twitter: @jonkykong
@jonkykong What was the inspiration behind creating this game?
@jakecrump thanks for the question! I like simple minimalist games and puzzles, and I came up with the idea after playing the game "Flow", which I enjoyed and admired. It started by thinking of ways to change up the mechanics of Flow so that the game difficulty evolves with new types of lights as you progress, and from there I realized it would be fun if no two people ever played the exact same game by generating new levels on the fly. This means there's also tons of replay time.
Love it Jon!
@ashwinma14 Thanks Ashwin!
This is dope, really fun to play and I love how progressively hard it gets, but eases you into it!