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Hi guys! I'm one of the creator of Light Bootstrap Dashboard PRO. If you want to check the Free demo: http://www.creative-tim.com/prod... The GitHub of the free demo: https://github.com/timcreative/l... And some video tutorials: http://youtu.be/c3M3NQtFyqM If you have any feedback, suggestions or critique please tell us so we can make this product better. Edit: Product Hunt suggested to give discounts so please use this coupon: "25get-shit-done" for a 25% discount :-) All the best, Alex
Cool! I have been using the free version for our project but needed the Sketch files to work on the UI, will definitely make use of the coupon. Already purchased GSD Pro in the past, you guys have great UIs.
@lorismaz thank you for the kind words! Glad that you are using our products!
Its nice to see it featured here :) I've been using the free version for a while and it looks really nice for an admin dashboard. Unfortunately, due to internal technical reasons, I had to switch to another theme but I plan on using it again for another project - the Pro this time ;)
@munipandita Thank you for the kind words! We are glad that you used the free version. Please let us know when you start working for the new project and we will help with feedback then we can promote you in our gallery :D
I guess no one cares about people like me who uses Zurb Foundation 😒
@mirmayne at this moment our focus is to deliver great products based on Bootstrap 3 and 4 because there is a high demand for this framework. Based on the requests from our users we will extend our products to Zurb, Angular JS, Ruby on Rails etc. Best, Alex!
@axelut and....React πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰