Light Blue React Node.js

React Admin Dashboard Template with Node.JS Backend

Light Blue React Node.js is React admin template integrated with Node.js backend and PostgreSQL. Template is great for building E-Commerce, CMS, SASS, CRM, etc. It contains ready-to-use working Authentication, Social Login and Product Management components.
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Hello, the product looks great. You have my upvote. A free / light version is available? Thank you!
@achirilov Thank you for your upvote! Sorry​, but we don't have a free version with Node.js backend.
Hello ProductHunt! We are at Flatlogic creating web and mobile templates for over 6 years. And recently we decided to make a leap forward. We made admin templates with NodeJS and PostgreSQL backend. And today on Product Hunt we are looking for ​feedback from​ the community. Some thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be very helpful. And of course,​ we understand that some constructive criticism​ is on its​ way;) Well we are prepared for that also. Here is the list of main features: -Node.js & PostgreSQL integrated - React 16.5.2 - CRUD Application - Ready-to-use working Authentication, Social Login, ​and Product Management components. More product details here And here is the demo Thank you for your feedback​!