Actionable Recommendations for Social Media

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Hey PH followers. We developed LiftMetrix to make companies smarter on Social Media. We give you a custom game plan. We'd love to get your feedback on our platform. We're offering Product Hunt'ers 45 days free as we'd love to get your feedback. Use promo code: LIFTPH1
I've used the product at a few companies I consult and I have been really impressed by the platform. ROI on social has been such a difficult metric to crack in the past and the ROI-based Insights and recommendations are truly unique to this product. I love that it not only tells you what's happening across your social channels, but how to react to maximize return (and cross-platform at that).
@nikpai's new project seems interesting, the cool part for me was the plain english recommendations for social media, "We recommend you post 2 times today"
Would love product feedback for those PHunt'ers that have company Facebook Pages!
Great quote by @grahamgullans on how LiftMetrix is different than other social media analytics companies "“they tell you what the numbers are, we tell you what the number mean.” (