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Well marketed and looks beautiful but $125!?
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@rrhoover I can actually understand $125 - these organizers are custom made.
@rrhoover i agree here. i love this type of stuff but not in my sweet spot. but for the DWR crowd, i'm sure this will be a hit. i'll stick to my blocks of paper!
@rrhoover It would seem that the craftsmanship is worth it.
Crazy price point. This will be a niche product at best for wood lovers with more money than sense. I can also see it as a gift for someone you really love, or an enemy that you want to lull into a false sense of security.
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@rrhoover desk accessories collection coming soon? love this stuff
@kftaylor great idea. Soon. :)
hey y'all! if you're interested in the Lifta and want to see how it's made, check out the @MadeByCardinal twitter feed for process photos. Let me know if you have any questions about the Lifta, why and how we made it, or even our shop in general, and I'll try to get back with everyone. Thanks for the comments @rrhoover @jpinnix @davidlee @nikkielizdemere!
Just followed you guys on Twitter, really love the photos of the build process (and the great shot. My wife and I have a woodworking business here in and LA that we're just really getting started so I always appreciate the design and effort that goes into producing well crafted wood goods that I can use on my desk. Always fascinated by the CNC process for products like this, you wouldn't happen to have posted a video anywhere of how the shop bot creates the Lifta? Do you guys have any plans to produce addition desk products in the future? Also I noticed photos of the Lifta in Walnut and other woods. Are those by special request or something you plan on adding later?
@rustydingo Hey Adrian, finding you a video now, should have it shortly. as you know, using a CNC doesn't build a product on its own, it is used as a tool during particular steps of the overall build. definitely noticeable for the Lifta, as we have a lot of hand and machine work before and after the CNC portions, but holy smokes it is an amazing tool that makes products like this available where they wouldn't have been a few years back. We do have other products in queue, just refining, refining, refining, ha ha. As for the Walnut Liftas, they are a 'custom' order via email, but we make a good number of them...I think we've done 10-15 this year.
@rustydingo here's a video clip of the underside of three Oak Liftas being milled with a finishing pass on the CNC: http://instagram.com/p/nGpSfFvCoR/ the bulk of the underside negative space is removed prior to this step with a band saw. this saves a lot of CNC time and allows us to save and reuse a large chunk of material that would otherwise turn into saw dust and shavings.
@jonmalphrus honestly just scratching the surface with how a CNC works (and how we could use it in our product line) so your insights into the build process and video are very helpful. Thanks again for your responses, much appreciated.
If ergonomics was one of the goals of this, why wouldn't they make it compatible with actual ergonomic keyboards?