LifeViewer 2.1

Daily planner to track to-dos, habits, take notes and more

Many of us make to-do lists, use calendar apps, habit trackers, set reminders, write down notes, schedule meetings. These products are great, but normally these are 3-5 apps we need to have. Let's do it all in one app, Productivity Super App βœ…πŸ—“β±πŸπŸ“πŸ€πŸ’‘πŸ“²
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Hi Product Hunters and Makers! πŸ›Έ We’re thrilled to present to you LifeViewer 2.1! When we launched 1.0 here on Product Hunt 8 months ago we got plenty of actionable and useful feedback. What’s also super important, that feedback confirmed our initial hopes that LifeViewer might be of value to people willing to be more productive and manage their time better. All this gave us lots of energy to move forward ⚑️ Today after multiple iterations, releases and bug fixes LifeViewer helps you accomplish: βœ… Tasks: add todos, set reminders, hold and drag to reorder your list. 🍎 Habits: form cool healthy habits, view your weekly and monthly progress. πŸ—“ Schedule: plan your day down to a minute, create notifications, import events from Apple Calendar. πŸ“– Day Summary: your personal diary that is always in your pocket. Remember what happened last Thursday? Go back in time with Day Summary widget. πŸ’‘ Thoughts and Ideas: never lose important ideas amidst multiple notes. πŸ“· Photos: add photos that made your day. ⏳ Countdown timer: shows how valuable and scarce your time is (timer can be hidden in Settings). βš™οΈ Widget customisation: choose widgets you need most to focus on what’s really important. Please try the app and let us know what you think πŸ’¬ Your feedback is invaluable πŸ™
this is a great idea! amazing performance. you guys are great!😍
great product idea, I run everything in notion as task Manager and trello, but I'll try your product, it should be productive, it turns out you can track everything, right? Weight is allowed?)
@fominkirill hi Kirill, please do try LifeViewer and let us know what you think
Good app. Cool design. simple, icon easy to remember.
Is there any plan for android version ?
@basim_aman hi Basim, in the making. Will be released in 3-4 weeks
@victor_khodalov Please remind me when its gonna get released. I'm ready for testing.
@basim_aman Sure, will do. Thank you!
@basim_aman @victor_khodalov I'd love to know once the Android version is ready too! Been waiting for this for months~