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Nikolay Gorylenko
@nikolay_gorylenko · Chief Technical Officer @
Hello from LifeTracker team! Thrilled to see your interest, hope this video can shed some light on the basics: Your feedback is extremely important for us. Have a perfect day <3


Misha Nestor
@mishanestor · CEO,
Hi Everyone!
First of all, thanks Eric! That means a lot for us and for the team.

I'm Misha, the founder of the - and Nik is my co-founder and brilliant CTO that makes all our ideas happen.
We have started work on this product a year ago, when we understood several things:
1. It's difficult to remember everything, be it small routine things to do (pay bills, buy stuff, call people) or actions that lead to our long-term life goals and priorities (learn language, prepare for travel in Asia, eat healthy food).
2. Existing approached such as classical GTD were created 15 years ago when we the state of technology was a little bit different. Moreover, they ask to be kind of super-machine, and from my experience it takes 1-3 years(!) to master that discipline of manual set up for everything.
3. Today we have cheap computing power for ML algorithms and sensors in our smartphones which are 24/7 with us. It's stupid not to tech them to be context aware. So we did it and fine-tune it every day.

The challenge was to utilize raw sensory data to recognize current user context and be able to adjust behavior of app to the lifestyle of individual user in real-time. This is just a first iteration, but all the basic stuff is there. It learns from you, unlike most of existing software.
We just want to put all dirty work on our smartphones shoulders;), so we can offload our memory and nervous system and let LifeTracker remind us about right thing to do at the right time.

Thanks, and happy to answer your questions.

Warmest wishes from Lisbon (tomorrow starts Web Summit '16, and you can find us in a flesh at stand #222),
Jason Shultz
@thehashrocket · Senior Software Engineer, 3form
Thank you for making an Android version first! You truly are the hero we need. :)
Paul Shuteyev
@paul_shuteyev · CMO, PromoRepublic
Say no to procrastination and laziness, say "Oh yeah!" to productivity :) nice tool guys, thanks
igor komarnitskiy
@nymdar4eg · Marketing manager
Good thing guys!
I want to install now!
Nazar Begen
@nazarpanchyshyn · CMO, Photolemur
Wow! Promising app! Waiting for iOS version
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