LifeTales Child Journals

A lifetime of stories. Just a minute a week.

Child Journals is a LifeTales add-on that is tuned to making it very easy for Moms (and Dads and Grandparents) to give their future young adult an amazing gift — their life story!

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great to use with ancestry stuff too




Doesn't have Android App

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On Android, you can use our web app. Works as well as a native app 😄
Seen a few concepts similar to this, it's a fun, sentimental idea and I like it alot! In what ways can it be presented as a gif? eg printing..
@aaronoleary Do you mean giving a gift subscription of the Child Journals service to Moms? If so, that's a great idea. We should add something to our web page 😃
Great to see this here Harvey ! A great next step to the Lifetales journey !