1-touch access to personal health data & emergency contacts

Lifekey is my health hacking find from CES:

🔑 Empowers front line responders

🔑 Immediate access to personal safety

🔑 Kids: get notified & location instantly

🔑 One touch (same tech as mobile payments)

🔑 Unprecedented data access

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I had a chance to test out Lifekey products and immediately saw a larger implication for the technology--big opportunities here.


Simple technology to keep us all better connected


Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

Hi Product Hunters. Thanks for the love on our brand new product we’re launching at #CES2019. My name is Jason Kintzler and I’m the founder, as well as a consummate entrepreneur. I’ve worked in the digital media space for many years and have built and sold several companies along the way (amazing learning and growth experiences!). After becoming a father of four, my priorities shifted and I wanted to create something to keep family safe.  Out of that new focus came Lifekey, a system of smart wearables built for active live and designed for the internet of people (IoP).  Think the old school medical alert bracelets, only 100 times better and able to both contact your medical emergency contact and access your medical info immediately. We’re unique in a few ways: 🔑One of the first products to use NFC tech in our products (works like mobile payments)⁣ 🔑 Empowers front line responders  Immediate access to personal safety  ⁣ 🔑 Kids: get notified & location instantly  ⁣ 🔑 One touch (same tech as mobile payments)   🔑 Unprecedented data access⁣ It works like this: 1.Select the type of wearable(s) for you and/or your family’s lifestyle (we even have iron on patches that survive the wash!) 2.Download our app (everyone gets a year-free of our premium plan) 3.Enter your profile(s) and medical info Here are two scenarios with Lifekey in action: 1.Your child is injured when you’re not around. A teacher, coach or other adult scans his or her Lifekey wearable, you are immediately notified, along with their location. Additionally his or her pertinent medical information is made available. 2. You're out on a bike ride and you're involved in an accident. You can't communicate, but your Lifekey can. Your information is shared with first responders and your spouse/mom/contact is notified and updated with your location. Thank you all for checking us out. I hope everyone has one on a zipper pull, wrist, jacket, backpack, or anywhere else they choose. It's time we start taking control of our personal data and putting it to good use!
@jasonkintzler Love this, Jason. Thanks for taking the time to give me a personal demo yesterday. The kids are excited to try it out.

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