Monitor & grow your relationship

LifeCouple is a free, smartphone-based solution that empowers couples to address challenges and improve the dynamics of their relationship. It influences you to take action, monitors the pulse of your relationship and ultimately shows you how to strengthen it
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Relationships can be tough, 2 people with separate identities and goals coming together can easily be tumultuous, I'm in support of anything that helps manage this.
I just downloaded the app & I like it so far. My relationship is in a pretty strong place right now but I'm into maintaining that and will try out some of these activities. I particularly like the apology notes I can send to my partner...might make apologizing a bit easier. I look forward to learning more about the webinars & the research behind the app. Entering my DOB was a bit challenging to get through registration on a Pixel (had to scroll through months from 1984).
Saw this pitched at Techcrunch disrupt yesterday. Like the vision ! Looking forward to trying this.
I'll be honest; I don't think that this is a good idea. Maintaining a relationship is not (and should not be) similar to taking care of a tamagotchi. It's not about keeping stats high and bars full (Happy: 5/5, Healthy: 3/5 and so on). It's all about being truly connected to another human being, in a way that only living beings can be. Everything could be great on paper, but feel wrong in reality. Or two people could be great for each other, even if they have some trouble areas that they are working on. Problems cannot be resolved by following step-by-step instructions. I understand that this app does not claim to self-handedly fix relationships, but still think it's not the right way to go about it. This could encourage people to look at relationships too logically (like "I ticked off all these boxes so everything is great now") instead of relying on their intuition and understanding of their partner. Are you and your partner not as intimate as you'd like? Instead of giving your intimacy a low rating in this app and waiting for it to suggest a course of action, try telling your partner directly. It should not be hard. It should not feel awkward. Just tell them and listen to what they have to say about it. You might find a solution to the issue right away, and if not, at least you took a big step forward and are moving in the right direction. You get closer when you are honest with each other and openly discuss your feelings. Give it a go. If you cannot have that sort of discussing without it feeling weird, work on that. It should eventually come easily. If it doesn't, even after a lot of trying on your part, consider you might not be great for each other after all. Follow your gut, be honest, be vulnerable, don't be passive aggressive, don't wait for external forces to provide solutions. Just my two cents. I love technology much more than the average person (my family would probably tell you I love it way too much) but it's not the solution to all problems.
@anna_0x I agree, tech and relationships need very careful consideration. It's not 0/1 logic. Even more scary is the fact that AI can replicate humans so well that at one day people could seek relationships with AI over each other.