The ultimate suspended aerial mat

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Enoc Armengol Bermudez
@enoc_armengol_bermudez · Serial entrepreneur
Thank you @kwdinc for hunting! We are so excited to share Levitat with you. The Aerial Mat simulates the constant unbalance you feel while on the water. Inspiration for Levitat came from practicing stand-up paddle surfing and yoga. It can be used as a hammock, bed, aerial yoga mat, cross-training mat, sunshade and much more. We would love to hear your fee… See more
Cosmin Băluţă
@cosminbaluta · Marketing, Interbrands
Video: 0:00- 0:03 girl in yoga pants Me: 0:04 WHERE IS THE BUY NWO BUTTON
@kleerkoat · Mechanical Designer
looks very cool. good luck!
Kevin Osuna
@kevinosuna1989 · Freelance
Cool! Can you tell more?