Video analysis, made simple for sports teams.

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LevelUP is a delightfully simple tablet app, designed to help sports teams work with video, right from the sideline. When using LevelUP, sports teams can film, tag, analyze and share the important moments of their games.

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Nick Siscoe
Nick Siscoe@nasiscoe · Full-Stack Software Engineer
How does this product differentiate itself from Hudl’s widely adopted technology?
Miklós Emődy
Miklós EmődyMaker@miklose · CEO, LevelUP
@nasiscoe Hi Nick! It's really about the all-in-one iPad aspect of our software. You use one device to film, tag and then analyze your videos, instead of using a separate camera and tagging tool. This results in getting your results faster with fewer devices. Our goal is to lower the barrier of entry for a lot of teams that want to get started with video.
Angelo Embuldeniya
Angelo EmbuldeniyaHunter@angeloe · Cofounder, Recruiter + Product Guy.
Recording football games is becoming a standard at every level of football, which means that the coaches end up with 1.5 hours of video to process every week. This takes them normally a whole day during the weekend. Led by @miklose - the LevelUP team decided to address this challenge and build a solution that will give football coaches + players an incredibly fast access to their stats with relevant video clips. They developed a tablet app that football coaches and assistants can use to collect stats and notes during a game, to later review those moments in video upon game finishes. Thanks to their partnership with Flic, LevelUP users can now mark the moments they are interested with a simple click on a wireless button. Today, LevelUP helps sports' coaches to make better decisions, players to perform better and ultimately the team to win more games.