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Mobile therapy sessions from wherever you need to be.

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Big thank you to Tristan for posting! Hi Hunters! I’m Dan, co-founder of Level Therapy. Our app provides treatment tools and video access to licensed therapists, and we are REALLY excited to be on Product Hunt. We are now LIVE in the following states: California, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, and Hawaii. To celebrate, we have created an exclusive offer for all of you. We are offering a 30% discount on ALL sessions booked during the next 3 months for anyone that creates an account today! The original price of each session is $99, but with the discount, will be $70. That is half of what the average in-person therapy session costs. *We accept FSA and HSA cards as well. Our Mission is to empower everyone on Earth to achieve their highest potential. We believe we can achieve this through facilitating the democratization of mental wellness. We've aimed to design a product and experience that is approachable, secure, and easy to use. We hope you check us out, and please let us know how we can improve. Thank you!
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@danmillersf the login page doesn't work. Keeps giving me "Invalid Name" error messages...going to be hard to get customers if they can't create accounts...
@learn_dave sorry to hear about your experience. Would you mind emailing us at support@trylevel.com? We will be able to troubleshoot from there.
Before anyone else, you need to take care of yourself. Level Therapy makes taking care of your mental health easy via their iOS app that puts you in touch with real licensed clinicians directly. Here's to mental wellness for everyone. Thanks Coley and Dan!
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Much needed product! Well done.
Congrats on the launch! What could I expect in the initial consultation? How should I prepare for it? Thanks!
Thanks @daveometer - In the consultation, you can expect to speak with one of our clinicians that we believe is best suited to help, for 20 minutes. You should prepare by speaking to a clinician, as well as, any question you may have about their process.
I know you mainly offer one on one sessions now. Will you offer family or couple (or team/co-founder) sessions in the future?
@writerpollock great question! Yes, the future holds family, couples and group therapy! It's in the works as we speak! As is free group consultation for our clinicians...Level Therapy is committed to providing the best care out there!