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Jack thank you for posting. Hey everyone, we are really excited to be here today. After 6 months of hard work, today we are launching Letz. With Letz, we are bringing an AI-based personal productivity assistants. It’s a multi-platform chatbot (the web, mobile, and social networks), that by continuously analyzing your habits learns the perfect times and places to remind you of the things you need to do during the day, thus boosting your productivity. The first assistant we are launching is called Lucy, a lovely and friendly character with a good sense of humor :) We hope you will like it and we are eager to hear your feedback. Enjoy productivity, Nino & Martin
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@karas Hi, I just tried Letz and I really liked it :) I would love to discuss with you about doing some stuff together but couldn't find a way to contact you. Can you send me an email at rotem@guggy.com please.
@rotemthegolfer @guggy hey sure shoot an email at nino@letz.do
Works great. Lucy gets me like no other Girl :)
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@che_madzov Haha, glad to hear that :) She is a special one
I find this comment unsettling.
Great work! I think I like Lucy :) Where do you see Lucy going in the future? What is the big vision?
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@mitcome Thanks for supporting us. We plan to grow in many different ways. Starting with the number of assistants in the Letz family. We already have a preview of our second assistant Zac - the fitness guy. We are going to have even more assistants which are tailored for your needs. We are also growing in the platforms we are supporting with Web, Facebook Messenger and Slack coming soon. Much more features to come we'll keep you posted
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@martinancevski I can now be my own bot! ;)
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Awesome product. I've just installed Letz and it works very smartly, thanks! I like the idea. What sets you apart from other productivity apps?
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@ninovskl Letz is the next best thing to a real assistant. While all other productivity tools/apps/chatbots on the market interact with a user in a traditional "user takes action, the app responds" manner, Letz is the first of its kind that reverses this relationship. Much like a real-life assistant would, Letz actively engages the user without them having to first engage the app. Lucy makes sure that you are not only productive, but you also have a friend that cares about you. As an example: - In the morning it helps you plan and it summarizes your day - It reminds you to take your umbrella in case its raining outside - It reminds you in the right place at the right time - Engages you through the day so that it makes sure you didn't miss to tell her something - Entertains you when your agenda is tight so that you feel more relaxed - Serves the newest articles of interest (currently Tech articles) in the most suitable time for you - It tracks your progress and it encourages you to achieve more every day
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Great Product I like it so far. Letz see whats everything it can do ;)
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@volhansalai Thanks Volhan - We are glad you like it :) Stay tuned many new things are coming