Letters Across Time

Short-stories told through letters in the mail

Letters Across Time is a storytelling service, where you can sign up to receive letters from a character telling a unique story. Stories are in a variety of genres and last almost 3 months each.

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Love the noble goal of getting more people interested in reading. Are these letters historically correct ? how much creative freedom was taken by the writers ? Also, Who was the target reader when you wrote these letters? Would love to hear your insights.
@am1tabh Thanks! I loved the idea and had to make it happen. Historical accuracy depends a bit on the story, they all at least have an air of fiction because they have to assume what was in the person's head. The goal is to cover all genres, so some are much more based on reality than others. The one from Tesla is as accurate as the writer could make it, the one set during the Indian Uprising is accurate as far as dates and basics, but the characters are fictional, and the Western is pretty much entirely fiction with an effort to be period appropriate, like any good fiction. The target reader varies by story, the product pages all state your connection to the writer near the bottom. There is one written back to you from the future, that is intended to be to you as you are, while the one from Tesla is written to a work colleague who you need to put yourself in the place of. We did our best to leave the target reader open, so the stories can be to a gender neutral reader and not feel unlike you as you read them. Some are a little tougher than others though, or might require a little extra effort to get in that headspace, for instance, our horror story is written from your estranged wife, and there are some references to how you met.
Hi Product Hunt! I’m one of the founders and the CEO of Letters Across Time. We wanted to give people a new reading experience. Paper books are already fading in popularity, and many people have never really gotten interesting letters in their entire life. I know for me, unless it was around my birthday, the mail has only ever been about bills and junk mail. We want to give people a reason to like their mail again. Check out our website and choose which free 3 letter sample you would like emailed to you. We have five samples to choose from. The link below goes straight to those options. https://lettersacrosstime.com/pr... Letters are mailed every 2 weeks. Each story is 6-9 letters long (6 mailed, the other 3 are the samples if it has a sample) and costs $25. I would love to hear what you all think, and any suggestions you might have. I’ll be checking in regularly to answer any questions, I’m an open book.
Creative! Are these fictional letters or stories based on historical events, @nperry302?
@rrhoover They are all works of fiction, but they strive for accuracy where you would expect accuracy. The person who wrote from Nikola Tesla did a ton of research to try and be as accurate as possible in the known details. I wrote the story from Moses and just tried to fill in gaps from the Bible in a way that was interesting and made sense. On the flip side, the western set mainly in the wilds of the West and a small Texas town written from someone you have never heard of is pretty much entirely fiction, except for a few references to other historical events.
Cool idea and really original. You guys do any sci fi?
@sicdigital Working on it! Sci fi and Fantasy were the two I wanted to have the most when I started, and the two that I still haven't gotten a finished story from my writers on. I have one writer working on a story set on another world, another working on a zombie story, and I'm still trying to find someone to write something in space and something more in the fantasy realm. You can follow us on social media to know when they finally come out, but I'll also try and remember to shoot you a message when I get something more up your alley. Anything in particular that you tend to go for in the genre?