Message in your own hand-drawn fonts, emojis and stickers!

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Hey PH! Have fun making your own emojis and typing out in your own custom letters! We created LetterMe as an attempt to make communication more personal when it seems we've been getting separated more, and more into our own digital worlds. Hopefully messaging feels a bit more human on LetterMe... let us know what you think!
@caipivida Well done! One question though: why is it not better integrated with Messenger and iMessage for instance? Much friction to get people on yet another messaging app 🤔
@teawaterwire good question! We actually allow users to post to iMessage and FB Messenger. It's called 'Share a Letter' in the app, you can post to open social networks like Twitter, Tumblr, etc as well
Fun idea. Now no one will understand what I'm saying on iMessage. 😁
@rrhoover hidden feature... "have friendly misunderstandings, all day, everyday" 😂
Saw you guys a while ago at Flash Pitch. Cool to see you on PH! 😃
@james_osullivan thanks James!
Cool idea!
@jeffmyers123 Thanks, Jeff! Excited to see what people create :)
This is amaze. Love it!