Send handwritten cards to family and friends

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Makes me think of "Her".. The movie! Not "her" "her", well. You got it!
@tcailhol We get that a lot :-)
We use MailLift to send letters (and stickers) to people in the community. They love it (proof).
I am a big believer in surprising people with cards via regular mail. I still write thank you notes and send postcards - it is such a simple way to make people happy. That being said, buying stamps and actually sending the card can be the tough part. Letterly takes on the actual "logistics" in sending. For those of you that spend your time in text editors and prefer typing to writing - this makes sending birthday cards even easier. :)
I use Red Stamp and Sincerely on mobile to shoot off quick cards to the old folks (grandparents, etc.) and when I need to do something more personalized like Thank You's or party invites. Also use Lettrs for actual letters. Wish this Letterly thing was a mobile app, though.
@sarahintampa We're definitely considering an app but felt that desktop was best for launch. Stay tuned!
@alecmcguffey how are you going to differentiate yourself from similar products out there?
@corleyh We're trying to focus on creating the simplest ordering process possible - clean site design, limited selection of beautiful illustrated cards, flat pricing, and simple ordering form. We want to make it as simple as possible to send a card. Also, a lot of competitors actually use machines to write the cards, whereas ours are handwritten :-)