The Simplest Way To Discover Amazing Newsletters

I like the idea, but the UX is really bad imho. 1) the site doesn't give any examples of what newsletters are featured, or how the functionality works 2) I signed up and got sent a link to check out newsletters; the only way to see the next newsletter is to sign up to the current one. There is no skip button if you don't like any of the newsletters
@_jacksmith Thanks for your feedback. I actually had a way to skip and decided to take it out at the last minute in the name of testing. I'll definitely be looking at it again. As for the examples upfront, great idea - I'll look at sharing more details upfront. Should be able to get an update out later today. Thanks again for your critique. Truly appreciated.
@MarcEglon @_jacksmith I'm with Jack. I don't want to be forced to sign up for tons of newsletters just to explore which newsletters you're recommending. A skip button should be available.
@thinker @MarcEglon @_jacksmith +1, especially as the 1st suggestion was one I'm already subbed to.
@dshan @thinker @MarcEglon @_jacksmith Had the same issue. My first recommendation is Noah Kagan's newsletter and I'm already subscribed to it...
@stttories @dshan @thinker @_jacksmith @stttories @dshan @thinker @_jacksmith Done. You can now skip through the newsletters without signing up. Thanks for the invaluable feedback peeps. You all rock. PS. Seems this @noahkagan chap is pretty popular around here, huh.
Hey, Marc here. Some of the best content never appears online but in the secret world of our inbox. So I made this little site to share some amazing newsletters. Enjoy :)
@MarcEglon cool idea and I like the implementation too :) I'm a big fan of newsletters (and curated information in general), so I'll be looking forward to the first email from you.
@MarcEglon It's difficult to know what happens when I give you my mail... You sign me up for something or you have your own mail???
@UXAndrew good question. When you enter your email, we create your Letterlist account and add you to the Letterlist newsletter. Letterlist then recommends newsletters that you can subscribe to. These are handled separately by whatever ESP they use, like Aweber or Mailchimp. Think of Letterlist as Product Hunt for Newsletters :)
@nochainmarkov Thanks a million. Wanted to keep it super-simple.
@MarcEglon I think it's a great idea, I just highly recommend you consider user expectation here. I want to see what I'm subscribing for or at least have some idea of the content. That said, I have my own newsletter :-)!! UXKingdom.com you can add it to your list if you'd like :-)
Great idea. Actually I saw it coming because I often feel the pain expected that someone might be around with a solution. Here you are :)
Really nice idea! Anxious to see what you curate.
@Harris_Bryan Thanks mate. As it happens, a certain Videofruit is on the shortlist :) I'll email you later.
Love this idea. Who are all of your favorite newsletters? I love @annefriedman.
@eriktorenberg sweet, I'll add that to my shortlist. I'd love to hear if you have any more suggestions.