Letterboxd for Android

The popular social network for film lovers, in your pocket.

Letterboxd for Android brings the popular social network for film lovers to the Android platform. Our initial public release includes: sign in, browse and search for films; log, rate, review and/or watchlist a film; view + follow members; view and comment on reviews and lists; cast + crew filmographies and lots more to come in future versions.


  • Pros: 

    In the early stages of the app we get the bare minimum which is still more than expected from the actual website. The DEV team is incredible


    There is still so much to add to the app that it's going to take some time which is kind of a bummer

    I love Letterboxd, I love the simplicity of the app & website, I can't wait to see what else we'll get

  • Pros: 

    it's surprisingly well established, easy to use, and very low levels of error in the database.


    Only con is being an early adapter, you have to use a lightweight release of the app until they start adding more critical features

    The website is perfect, and the first version of this app promises many things to come. Like an easy way to add a movie I just watched.


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girma@girma · 👾
Just a wonderful service, finally available for Android.
Rollo Wenlock
Rollo Wenlock@rollowenlock · CEO @ Wipster
I love this app
esquim.al@davidesquimal · http://esquim.al
hands down top 5 of my favorite apps. beautiful design and great community 😍