Let'sEnhance uses machine learning to enhance low resolution JPEG images, boosting resolution 4x times

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So it IS possible!?
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@rrhoover Exactly my first reaction as well.
@rrhoover ;-)) we were going to name this thing BoostYourPhoto but few days before alpha launch we found
@rrhoover it was possible 3 year ago)
This is amazing. Should be #1 for today in my opinion! Check out a demo image I used: It's a little hard to see the improvements, but it's definitely there. A little artifacts on the ocean and mountain background, but overall pretty good! I can see myself using this for clients who want potato images on their website
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I'm curious how this compares to https://github.com/alexjc/neural... ?
@ducktuckgo while guys trying to get access to product hunt I will answer from their name: This is pretty good as well, we have different structures of discriminator and generator as well as different training protocol, but general idea is pretty close
@ducktuckgo Finally I got access here ) Yup, @ivan_pasichnyk is right. General idea is there, all the magic is around structure and training. And it always can be better
[Enhancing Intensifies]

Wow. I was skeptical. I know this kind of thing has been around before, but I have never seen it work at this level, especially because artifacts are pretty minimal. I still can't believe the "magic" 4x result I have sitting in front of me, from a 500x400-size starting image. Well done. This is definitely a service I would use.


Results came out way better than expected.


UI doesn't make the difference between "anti-jpeg", "boring", and "magic" clear. Should have a legend/key for less savvy users.