Get a real estate loan. No bank required.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
The mortgage industry has long been broken. The team at LendingHome is building a bank from the ground up--the way Silicon Valley would build a mortgage bank.
If this is legit, I'm all about this since I'm looking for a house. But the walk-through on the site makes me think it's like a Lending Tree, where as soon as I give them my info I will get 8000 calls from Loan Officers.
@raydawg88 At LendingTree you'll get live rates from Lenders which you've been matched with to provide you with the best information possible. Definitely not thousands of calls.
Top 1% founders, a technical CEO, awesome team, crazy large space... and they're just getting started. I love spending time with this eng team and I'm proud to be an investor/advisor. You should try to work here.
If this is legit, I believe it has the potential to be something big. I really like this.
Terrific team, A1 founders and an incredible product doing to real estate what LendingClub did to banking.