LEGO Worlds

LEGO's Minecraft competitor

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Curious if this has a chance to take on MineCraft. Gonna be DLing later today to check it out.
@russfrushtick I'm very curious to hear what you think. I also wonder if today's kids have as strong of a brand affinity to LEGO's as my generation.
@rrhoover @russfrushtick Everybody knows LEGO, not only as traditional building but as characters via other media.
@rrhoover my 6 year told f$cking loves LEGOs but spends loads of iPhone-time on Minecraft. LEGO Worlds is going to be epic.
@russfrushtick If marketed in the right way, this could be as big as Minecraft.
@rrhoover @russfrushtick maybe not as strong, but it's well liked. I can't see any other reason for a company such as Lego making a move like this.
BTW, a funny and informative Twitter thread that is semi-related, about “dong detection” in LEGO Universe: