This laptop case doubles as a foot massager for long flights

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Did you find this in Skymall, @sethporges? :) Btw, Skymall Hunt should totally be a thing.
@rrhoover You'd be amazed the press releases that come through a tech/product journalist's email box on a daily basis. Turn my email into an RSS feed and you have "Skymall Hunt" right there. Done.
I have absolutely no idea if this is useful, or just a seriously bulbous laptop case. Last I checked, having ridges does not a massage make. That being said... maybe it works?
I also enjoy the FAQ section. Something tells me most of these questions—most of which are some variation of "can Leggage be used to carry things that AREN'T laptops?"—aren't exactly "frequently asked" http://www.leggage.com/faqs.htm
If nothing else, at least they found a pretty clever name