Share silly sound clips with friends πŸ”Š &dmxbark

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I ❀️ Leftover. It's the most fun you'll ever have for no reason.
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@jsneedles sometimes it's best to have fun for no reason! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
@jsneedles I think this is worthy of a @jsneedles 'Breaking News' Meerkat stream announcing the long awaiting launch of Lftovr.
@dmgrossblatt @jsneedles we're going to go live on Meerkat from the Leftover account later today. Follow us on the twitters and what not to find out when, @lftovr
Leftover is ridiculous, an app with hundreds of sound clips (called &ersounds) from &dmxbark to &marissamayerlaugh. It has an interesting story in how the app came to be. @lylemckeany, @thinkchap, or @kosvke can tell the story. 😊
@rrhoover thanks for posting, Ryan! The creation story is just a ridiculous as the app is. I wrote about it on medium: &WTF Is Leftover.
@rrhoover so really the story is when I was a kid i had this pet hamster, hamster named chubby. he was a real chubby little fur ball so when I squeezed him he would make this pew pew pew sound. I mean, I really wanted to translate that into a human experience, and here we are with leftover the story is really too long in how it came about to be, but this is one of the most organic apps that i've ever built, and happened in a way that was organic. one day I was hanging out with my friend Dave and Woody and we were talking about the stupidest most dumbest apps we could build. then Dave was like dude what if you had this app that was like leftover food and you could geo tag it and people could pick it up and eat it. and i was like well that sounds awful let's build it. and my friend dave was like, well haha yeah like you're going to do it. as Dave had an Android at the time, he bet me that he would get an iPhone (half jokingly) if I built the app. two days later i showed him the app i built and we went to get an iPhone. reason the app is named leftover is because it started out being this app where you go pick up food. we built it and had our friends at the co-working space use it. the funny thing is no one used it as this food-picking up app, we just had a commenting feature on it, and all people did were take pictures of cars, and people, and various inanimate objects. people were using this app to connect with friends, so that's kind of what it came to be. ampersounds kind of came about as an extension of making fun of poking fun of your friends and it just stuck. i dont know how these things happen man, it just happens. it's weird to build something that grows so organically. at this point i'm happy that it made my friends come together and laugh. that was nice.
@rrhoover from Lyle's medium post ... Dave said something like: β€œWhat if you had an app where you could take a picture of leftover food and it would blast it out to your friends and they could claim it.” They joked about how dumb of an idea that was (and still is) and Dave proposed a bet. He was an Android user then, so he said: β€œIf you build it, I will buy an iPhone just so I can use the app and tell you how dumb it is everyday.” Two days later, Kosuke had a working prototype and they were off to buy Dave an iPhone.
The best part of the app is listening to the sounds people are creating. Hours of laughter.
This entire comment feed made me wayyyy too happy. Great job all around
thanks ryan!