A minimalist multi-platform text editor


Left is a distraction-free, minimal note-taking tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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Jonathon Toon
Jeremie Michaels Lim
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  • Jonathan Völkle
    Jonathan Völkle20 y/o - student - python & nice people

    Elegant, simple text editor with markdown support



    I used my code editor before to take note, but Left is the better option, especially if you want to use markdown. Left displays the headings on the left, to stay organized and fast access different subheadings.

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  • Benn Crawford
    Benn CrawfordHead of Product, SilverStripe

    Simple, elegant, sexy even.


    Constrast on some themes is not accessible - no spell check

    It's so fresh and so clean. I seems 'basic' but when you account for the

    spacing and structural considersations made, time has clearly been spent on Left.

    The theme are a nice touch as is this being open source! The people behind Left are dudes!

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  • Rubén
    RubénSEO & Web Developer

    Simple and to the point. Perfect look if you like minimalistic design


    Can't think of any

    I decided to start using this text editor instead of the default one, as it's really simple and free of distractions, setup and preferences menus, and random options.

    It feels perfect for fast note taking while working on any project or looking for info around the web

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  • Pros: 

    Pretty simple to focus on content, Elegant Minimalist Design



    I just started to use it but I'm in love with Left right now. It's pretty simple to use and focus on content. Additionally I liked the font type decision. Give Left a try.!

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  • Hu be
    Hu beSoftware Engineering




    I love it so much, it's very beautiful. I used to use Atom to write Markdown.but now I move to it.

    But I have met some problems.I click `ctrl + K` ,but it doesn't work. I don't know why this...

    Anyway,Thank you for your work!

    Hu be has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Simple, beautiful minimalist Markdown text editor; themes; "sticky" outline sidebar


    Default OSX shortcuts (full screen, close tab/file) don't work

    Beautiful simple text editor, perfect for quick scribbling (eg. blog post ideas and the like)

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  • Brandon Hill
    Brandon HillFounder @ Greo

    Gorgeous, simple, and matte black


    None so far

    Favorite color is matte black so already a huge +. Second, the progress bar at the bottom is a game changer. Thank you for this amazing work fam

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  • Pros: 

    beautiful, simple, laconic



    this app replaced "Typed" for me

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