A simple vector illustration tool.

#1 Product of the DayJanuary 08, 2018

Dotgrid is a simple vector glyph illustration tool, that works by adding control points and drawing different line-types between them. The tool was created to design logos and glyphs for various personal projects, and made available as a free and open source application.

Exports to SVG, PNG and DOT.

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Like the "Name your own price" note. Good luck!
@danie_nis I really enjoy this too! Once I fiddle around with something I know how much I would like to pay for it. Definitely planning on playing around then paying
@vivalldi98 My idea too - playing then paying :) Gives others the impression that you are confident. I hate being limited to "trial version".
@vivalldi98 @danie_nis Likewise, I wish more people did this as well :)
Nice БНТУ picture!

Use of keyboard modifiers would be nice, and the ability ctrl+z ;)


Looks clean, and a great Idea


Not great to use - would benefit from some UX/UI work

Implemented undo/redo :) Finally. Sorry it took a while.
You have to rethink how you draw paths, but I really like the minimal approach. Good work!
so simple.