Quality meets integrity: the Patagonia of luxury bags

LeDaveed's bags are truly thoughtful in design, sourcing, and production. They include features such as roller luggage attachments, weight-balanced shoulder straps, and padded laptop compartments to simplify the lives of busy professionals. LeDaveed's Nixburg leather uses 80% less energy and water than average, and is a byproduct of local farms.

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Hey PH Community, Thanks for the hunt, @chrismessina! We’re Andy & Shira (@shira_abramsky) – the team behind LeDaveed! We started the company in response to experiences we both had in our respective careers. Shira spent almost a decade in product development at leading high-end bag brands in NY and Canada. She witnessed the industry outsourcing to China, removing key features to boost profits, and increasing prices at the same time. I (Andy) came from the Wall Street world, where I witnessed too much short-term, low-integrity thinking. A viral Facebook post connected us, and with our collective experience in fashion and business, we set out to build a company rooted in our values of empowerment and thoughtfulness. We think our bags are the most thoughtful you’ll find anywhere, for 4 reasons: 1. They are designed with a degree of function that is uncommon in luxury, while maintaining a clean aesthetic (a rare combination). 2. Our materials are specially sourced. We've partnered with a leading German tannery – Heinen Leather – to engineer a new full-grain leather that is super-soft, waterproof, and unusually lightweight, with 80% less water and energy use than average. Our Riri zippers are Swiss-made and hand-finished; our twill linings are highly durable and made from recycled water bottles. 3. We produce at one of the last luxury bag factories in North America – Rayata Accessories in Montreal – allowing us to embed incredible detail into the bags. 4. You can stand behind our transparency. We’re the first luxury leather bag company in the world to be awarded Certified B Corporation status after a rigorous audit, putting us in the company of the leading responsible brands. Our beta production run sold out in 4 days, and we’re on Kickstarter to fund a larger run and our new colors! Look forward to answering your questions! -Andy & Shira
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Andrew sent me a review bag to check out and it's a very nice product. It feels supple and smooth — and unlike other leather bags I've tried, is incredibly light. Overall positively impressed by @andy_dale's initiative here. Worth a look. 💼
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@chrismessina Thanks so much for your kind words!
Great job!! 😊 Would love this to come to a India and the pricing for India should be affordable and flexible
@ayush_chandra Thanks so much! Did you know that our recycled water bottle lining is Global Organic Textiles Standard certified and is woven by Vardhman Textiles, a pioneer in premium Indian fabrics? So, there's a little Indian connection already to go along with our European materials and North American manufacturing.