Automatically text someone when you are heading home

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Hey everyone. Thanks for all the love so far! I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Mikey Renan and I run business operations at Sense360. We have an SDK that allows folks to create contextually aware apps like "Leaving Work." The app is pretty simple, so not much to explain, but it will text a specific message (of your choosing) to a specific number (of your choosing) whenever you leave work at a specified time. So, for example, when I leave work between 8-10pm, I automatically send a message to my significant other saying "hey babe, I just left work. I promise I didn't just spend the last two hours playing Halo." I'll be happy to answer any questions about the app throughout the day. Feature requests, other app ideas, funny jokes...I'm game.
@mikeyrenan Thanks for the support everyone! It was an amazing day of questions, feature requests, and - most importantly - APP DOWNLOADS :) Feel free to reach out any time with questions: mikey@sense360.com Cheers!
I love this! My partner insists on a text before I cycle home so he doesn't worry that I've fallen into the canal. I must admit, I frequently forget, so something to automate the process would be very useful.
@riaface I'm so glad that this is useful for you! Maybe our next app can send out alerts any time users go swimming in canals :)
This is amazing! Just a question, the other person must have the app, right? Or is the other person goingto receive the text like a normal text?
@rutgerteunissen 99% sure it'd be a regular text from their number (not yours because that's not possible)
@rutgerteunissen the text comes through as a normal text so the other person does not need to have the app. Just note that in V1 the text will come through as a number separate from your phone's number, so make sure your sig. other knows to expect a text from a different number. We're working on changing this though.
Cool product. Similar features coming on leaving the gym, school etc?
@zachabramowitz followups could definitely be coming. are there any apps that you or other folks would find most useful?
Thanks for hunting this @eportnoy. I've tried doing something similar with IFTTT but never got it just right.
@front9tech Thanks so much, Scott! Yeah, our company (Sense360) has an SDK that allows you to make these types of apps really quickly. Happy to talk more if you have other apps you're thinking of creating.
@mikeyrenan Dope idea, Mikey. I'd actually like to chat about this. I built an on demand package delivery service to deliver to people when they're actually at home. Your idea would work well for us. Any way I can reach out over email or something?
@napoleonsuarez Thanks! Yeah, shoot an email to mikey@sense360.com and we can set up a time to talk. I'd love to hear more about your idea...seems very relevant.