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It's my pleasure to welcome Aliza for an AMA today at 3 PM! (Ask your q's in advance...:) Here's a bio: Aliza Licht is the SVP of Global Communications at Donna Karan International and Twitter phenom, DKNY PR GIRL®. Featured on the front page of the New York Times style section as one of “America’s Next Top Mentors,” dubbed the "Reigning Queen of Social Media" by Women's Wear Daily, and called one of "Six Women Who Rule the Fashion World" by TIME Style & Design, she is a TEDx speaker and five-time Fashion 2.0 award winner.
Huge fan of the book, such an inspiration. Aliza, I would love to hear how did you deal with friction when introducing social media to fashion and more generally what are your views on university education? Is it a must? Final question, Anna Wintour: Ice Queen or Idol? Can't wait to hear your thoughts?
@harrystebbings Thank you so much Harry! When I first started tweeting as dknyprgirl, there was one person in fashion who emailed my boss to share her disdain at how "personal" I was being on the platform. It was as you know, new to me too, so I got really freaked out that I was destroying the brand or something! That said, my boss believed in me and the reality was that the following was growing exponentially. I had to be doing something right! So we decided to pay her no attention and I kept on doing what I was doing. A few days later WWD came out with a story about how the dknyprgirl handle was on fire so that was a great vote of confidence! Bottom line, without management buy-in, none of this would have been possible. To your second question: I think a university education is imperative for 99% of people. If you are in the 1% (think Zuckerberg), then by all means go build your empire. Third, Anna is highly respected by her team. Every single person who I know that works closely with her absolutely loves her.
Hi Aliza - congrats on the book. I'm always curious about young people in the job market. We see some great examples of exceptional individuals skyrocketing through the work world, but for the most part folks coming right out of college tend to have a really difficult time finding a job they're suitable for and when they do they're competing against dozens of others. What kind of advice would you give to fresh graduates on how to stand out and make a real career push?
@jeffumbro Hi Jeff! I get a lot of emails sent to me through my website about this exact thing. I always ask to see the person's resume and cover letter. Inevitably I find that the way the person is presenting is not optimal nor tailored for the position. At the end of the day, you have to remember that applying for a job is ALL about the audience. Just like in PR, the pitch must be tailored. In addition, the skills must be pulled and highlighted in a way that directly correlates to the job profile. People think it's all about your past company names and the job titles. That's important sure, but more important is showing how your skills transfer.
What's the biggest misconception people have about social media?
@russfrushtick That you can ever truly delete a post LOLLL. The screenshot is way more powerful!
Thanks for coming by Aliza! What are the two or three things someone can do right now to improve how others view their online persona?
@brentsum First- take a long relaxing stroll through your own timeline. Then ask yourself if you would follow yourself? Be objective. Then think about the personal brand you are trying to convey. Does your social presence convey that? You need to consider your brand filter every time you post. Ask yourself if the post fits your personal brand before you post it. Trust me, you will catch yourself throwing a lot more posts on the cutting room floor!