Learn Swift

Screencasts & code examples to learn Apple’s new Swift

#4 Product of the DayJune 03, 2014
You're already 24 hours behind the masses :)... get cranking...
Founder here! Thanks for submitting Jonathan. Backstory: The moment I heard Apple was introducing a new programming language I rushed to my computer to check for available domain names. I completely missed the rest of the keynote. Most good names were already taken, even some that seemed available were gone the moment I press "buy". I then went looking for premium domain names that were already taken, but still priced without taking into account the announcement of this new language. LearnSwift.com was available for a reasonable price so I bought it. Plan is to develop it into a resource for anyone to learn the new language using screencasts and code examples. I'm currently looking for developers to help create this content.
@marckohlbrugge Love the idea, hope the execution shakes out well. As someone learning Swift right now, I'm really excited for these. Good luck finding people to help out
@ZackShapiro Thanks Zack! I'm not an iOS developer so I'll need help to create the content. Few options I'm considering: 1. Pay someone to create some great screencasts. Sell these with a healthy margin. 2. Partner with someone to do a revenue split. He/she will create the content, I'll market it, handle payments, support, etc. 3. Use User Generated Content. Can take different approaches here. One would be to create a marketplace for others to sell their content and I take a small cut for promoting it, handling payments, etc. All depends on interest from (potential) content creators.
@marckohlbrugge Kind of bummed to hear no content exists yet. Landing page leads you to believe otherwise.