Leap Second

Your daily 1 second video journal

Leap Second is a free one-second video app. Capture your favourite memories and showcase your moments. Leap Second support multiple videos per day, safe iCloud backups, Live Photos and music.

If you are curious what the app does check out the YouTube links!

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Hey @andersen_jon, Can you tell us more about what you've built and how it's different from other similar products out there? 📹
@jacqvon I built Leap Second after loosing all my videos on a similar app. The main goal of Leap Second was to be able to easily back up and absolute no vendor lock in. I wanted to make it an integrate experience of your daily life. That’s why all your data is stored in your photos app, and with cross device sync. Everything you add to the album “Leap Second” in your photos app will be a part of your daily moments. And did I mention it’s all free? I just added a few in app purchases for those that want to support the development of the app.
Sounds great! Will you provide an android version as well?
@meineleserei I would like to make an android version. But since it lacks native cloud support (which is available on iOS) it would have to be in a different form.