Lean Out

25 stories from the underrepresented in tech

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Thanks for posting this, Danielle! I'm the editor of Lean Out, and will be around if folks have questions or comments about the anthology. :)
This looks like such an interesting book, giving an alternative voice to those we normally see working in tech - can't wait to read it!
Terrific book, with essays from some very cool women in the industry.
I spent months searching for the most interesting writers that I could find. I originally was just looking for women in startups, or who wrote about women in tech. As the book evolved, it became more intersectional, and more about the experience of not fitting into a stereotype. (I evolved too, along with the book.) Also, tech culture was changing rapidly even as I was working on the book. The inclusion of gaming writer Leigh Alexander (who was one of our later additions) reflected my realization that GamerGate was part of this discussion too.
@elissabeth Congratulations. Looking forward to reading it. Also enjoyed your recent article on crypto in @csmpasscode. Keep writing.