Lightest & Most Affordable Electric skateboard

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Specs are pretty decent for this, and at $299 it seems like a good buy "At a mere 9.7 lbs Leafboard is the lightest freestyle electric skateboard available today. It reaches speeds of up to 19 mph and has a single-charge range of 11.5 miles."
@kristofertm it's only 299 during fundraiser, then it's 650.
@passingnotes @kristofertm Even $650 is cheaper than similar alternatives. Still puts is well out of my price range, but....
@passingnotes better get 'em while they're hot!
@zefareu Agreed. $650 is still a decent price. My E-Go was about $800, but I like that this one is lighter and more compact. Bringing bigger boards around with you is more of a hassle than I thought.
@kristofertm @passingnotes I think it was sneaky to put the tag line as the fundraising price.
FINALLY! Inexpensive electric skateboards!
it's going to retail at 650, so how is that super affordable? you just locked out the college market with that price imho
A lot of this makes me skeptical. For example: The specs say it has a 5000mAh battery, but that a full charge of an iPhone 6 Plus will only reduce the range by 1.25 miles. Settings aside how bizarre and unfocused of a feature this is, the iPhone 6 Plus is a 2915mAh battery. That's almost 60% of the battery in the board, yet somehow only going to reduce the range by 10%?
@cyborgnation Math aside - kill that feature. If you're hard core enough to carry around an electric skateboard, you can carry an external battery for your devices. ;)
@larsvedo @cyborgnation I don't think either of you skate or commute - This feature is fantastic. If you dont drive a car you often run out of battery and carrying one is a hassle.
@kieran_daniels @cyborgnation I hear ya, but I've put 1200km on my Boosted Board this year by commuting basically everyday (and lots of weekend trips!). I would "like" that feature, but am more than happy without it for some extra juice.
@cyborgnation I'm insanely suspicious of this thing as most boards are cheap pieces of shit sourced from Alibaba, but MilliAmpHours is not a complete measurement of energy so it's not necessarily misleading. Electrical energy is measured in Watt-Hours, which is Amps*Volts*Time. For some awful reason phone manufacturers like to quote an incomplete Amps*Time (mAH) and leave out the voltage of the system which is needed to measure total energy storage. Most likely this runs at 12-20volts and so the watt-hours is enough to charge a phone. Also, most likely this thing is vaporware, a scam, or super shitty.
@kieran_daniels @larsvedo Do you even Skate, bro? Actually, I do skate, and I don't drive a car. I agree, commuters do often run out of battery, but carrying an external battery is cheap and way less of a hassle than only being able to charge when i'm not riding and having to constantly consider if I'll have enough range left to warrant charging my phone.
The best looking one yet. Sold. @kristofertm