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#5 Product of the DayMarch 03, 2017
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SubananMaker@subanan · Co-Founder at LeadGibbon
Hey hunters! First, thanks so much to @kwdinc for the hunt. Feels great to be here! Now some quick info about LeadGibbon: We’ve built a Google Chrome extension that helps you find email addresses on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With our extension, you can find/save the email address, company phone number, street address, job title, industry and company size of your leads/prospects directly to Google Sheets. There are other tools with similar functionality, but we wanted to build something that would improve on data accuracy, speed, and also a UI that would allow you to edit before saving to Sheets/sending to CRM. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Feel free to comment here or connect with me at subanan@leadgibbon.com with any questions or product suggestions.
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠@milann · Making technology come alive 🃏
@subanan @kwdinc @leadgibbon I tried it. Wow nice, here's some feedback: It really effing works, I had some shifting and setting up and some confusion, it can be a little smoother and all, but it works like crazy now. wow. It works best for search (like you show in the video). The spreadsheet connection is great. Gathering leads now bam bam bam! The icons are a bit confusing, try to add a value in text to them or show the values first and then just the icons. I want to choose a default browser for a new email, since on mac it opens those links on iMessage or mail, which sucks. Just a thought to include that somewhere more clear. Nicely done, way smoother than other players out there (Like for example Emailhunter)
Shamaila ZahidMaker@maila246 · Addicted to podcasts & success stories.
@milann Thanks for your feedback! Our aim for launching on Product Hunt was to get user feedback from a very engaged community. This way we can continue to improve our product. So, all your suggestions are appreciated!
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠@milann · Making technology come alive 🃏
@maila246 good luck today 😇
Shamaila ZahidMaker@maila246 · Addicted to podcasts & success stories.
@milann Thank you!!
SubananMaker@subanan · Co-Founder at LeadGibbon
@milann @leadgibbon Thanks for the feedback Milan! You can change you default email in your browser settings. I've just added instructions on how to do this on Chrome in our site's FAQ section. https://www.leadgibbon.com/faq/
Emmanuel Lemor@exlemor · Cust. Exp., Prod. Mgmt etc are my world.
How exactly do you get people's email address? and how does one protect himself from such a service.. feels like an non-permitted invasion of privacy... Do you have a 'unsubscribe list' or sort so I can choose to not be found via your service? Seems pricey for 200 leads... [I have not compared it to the competition, it may be very much cheaper for all I know]
SubananMaker@subanan · Co-Founder at LeadGibbon
@exlemor We verify email addresses by pinging the company server, this data is not extracted from LI. Our unlimited plan is the best value at $199/month
Marshall@hypecraft · Independent Human
@exlemor Agreed. I work hard to keep my email actually useful in the context of information I need to know. This service, and others like it, could degrade that.
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
LeadGibbon is an outbound sales prospecting tool that makes prospecting a hassle-free process. With the LeadGibbon Chrome Extension, salespeople can quickly build lead lists right from LinkedIn. In just one click, you can save important details of your leads such as name, title, company, email address, phone number, address, industry, company size, and more to Google sheets. With all the pre-filled data, you no longer have to manually enter contact information of your leads into your CRM. This cuts down prospecting time so sales teams can be more productive.
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
There are a lot of these products out there. What is going to make people use this vs the others?
SubananMaker@subanan · Co-Founder at LeadGibbon
@bentossell You are right, there are a lot of similar products out there. But our focus is on improving data accuracy, speed, and also a UI that would allow you to edit before saving to Sheets. Our quick grab feature (hitting the check mark icon when you do a search on LI/Navigator) allows people to be more productive with their prospecting. We've also got more data points than most other products (company size, company address/zip and company phone numbers, etc). Plus there's no need to go back and forth between a web app and the LI page like others.
Laxman PapineniHiring@laxmanpapineni · Building GrowthScore.io
Really interesting to do it from sales navigator itself. Currently we are using @voilanorbert, but shall give this a spin.
Shamaila ZahidMaker@maila246 · Addicted to podcasts & success stories.
@laxmanpapineni Yea, our sales team is a lot more productive without the need to leave Sales Navigator. Interested to hear your comparison.
Laxman PapineniHiring@laxmanpapineni · Building GrowthScore.io
@maila246 Sure, in a while when i've enough insights to share on comparison.